InsurTech Hartford Pitch Night 2018

Wunderite Wins 1st Place at InsurTech Hartford Pitch Night 2018

Fresh off our time at Rice University, Michael and I headed down to Hartford together for InsurTech Hartford’s 2nd annual pitch night, where we won first place in both the judges and crowd favorite category. Thank you to Frank Sentner for plugging us in. Upon first arriving, I was impressed with the quality of ideas present. Specifically, Roberto Sicconi of TeleLingo had a monitor set up with a camera that could recognize facial expressions. So when I smiled, the monitor displayed a smile emoticon. His idea is to place this camera in cars on the rear-view mirror facing the driver (specifically in vehicle fleets), to help identify distracted driving and alert the driver. Previously Roberto was a program director at IBM’s Watson. So when he got up to present first, Michael and I looked at each other. Competition was stiff! Overall, a great event and night in Hartford. Thank you to Frank, Nathan, Gwendolyn, and Stacey for organizing, and to Richard Bulda for the photos.

Startups that presented:


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